Sophisticated reloaders understand what it takes to create an accurate and effective load for hunting or competition, and so does Oregon Trail® Bullet Company. We have introduced the TrueShot® Premium Silver Gas Checked Bullet line, created to provide the dedicated handloading enthusiast with a cast bullet worthy of their efforts. Boasting a selection of heavyweight handgun bullets, and super-hard rifle bullets, TrueShot® delivers unsurpassed performance, extreme accuracy and unmatched economy!

Oregon Trail® Bullet Company rocked the shooting community several years ago when they introduced the Laser-Cast® Silver Bullet. Their exclusive alloy produced bullets harder than the average cast lead bullet. This breakthrough allowed shooters to push their rounds at a higher velocity without fear of leading and still protect the barrel from harsh wear.

TrueShot® projectiles will feature the same exceptional alloy and also provide shooters with a selection of bullet weights previously unavailable in cast bullets. Thanks to their uniform grain structure, these hard-hitting heavyweights will give you the awesome penetration that you need. Their advanced design and flawless consistency make them ideal for any shooting sport that demands pinpoint accuracy. Here’s the best part, TrueShot® bullets cost less than half of what comparable jacketed bullets do!

Conveniently packaged in small quantities, TrueShot®’s resilient boxes are easy to handle and stack. Each box is clearly marked for caliber and bullet weight. The folks at Oregon Trail® realize that smaller quantities are more economical, especially when working on load development.TSBox_Single